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1 MGT4803 Supply Chain Modeling Course Syllabus Professor Atalay Atasu Office 451 – College of Management Georgia Institute of Technology The primary challenge for any firm, from an operations perspective, is to match supply and demand in the most cost effective way. The main focus of Supply Chain Management is to overcome these limitations. In other words, Supply Chain Management is concerned with the design and management of value added processes that take place across organizational boundaries with the goal of matching supply and demand in the most cost effective way. The objective of the course is to provide students with tools/means for matching supply and demand in the most cost effective way. A mixture of lectures, case discussions and games will be used to provide a better understanding of modeling supply chain issues. Course Material There is no required textbook for this course. A required class pack containing the material will be made available through the HOA office. Some optional reading is listed below 1. Textbook or Reference Book: Designing and Managing the Supply chain: Concepts, Strategies, and Cases by David Simchi-Levi and Philip Kaminsky. 2. The Resilient Enterprise: Overcoming Vulnerability for Competitive Advantage by Yossi Sheffi 3. Supply Chain Management Best Practices by David Blanchard Grading Policy Grading Policy Written Case Analyses 40% (4@10%) -group Supply Chain Simulation Games 10% -group Class Participation (pop-quizzes) 20% -individual Final Project 30% -group Written Case Analyses You will be assigned five case studies in this course. You’ll be responsible from only four of those, which you can choose based on your preferences or interest. For each selected case, you’re required to provide group case write-ups that will make up 30% of your course
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2 grade. Each case write-up is worth 7.5% of your course grade. You should form groups of three to six to work together for the case write-ups, simulation games and the final project. For each case analysis, the detailed course outline in this syllabus provides a list of questions to be answered in your case write-up. Concentrate explicitly on these questions, providing detailed analysis and/or discussion. All case write-ups are limited to 4 pages. The write-ups should be double-spaced, 12 pt. font, 1 inch margins all around. A cover page with the names of the group members does not count toward the 4 page limit. Supply Chain Simulation Games You will play two supply chain simulation games in this course. Both games are to be played in groups. Each game will make up 5% of your total grade and you will be graded based on your performance as compared to the other teams playing the game. The start and end times for the games will be announced in class. You will be given access to the games 48 hours prior to the game start to view the historical data so that you can forecast demand and develop a game strategy. Class Participation
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SCModeling4803 - MGT4803 Supply Chain Modeling Course...

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