supply chain quiz 5 paper

supply chain quiz 5 paper - Caitlin Vodopia 11/24/09 Quiz 5...

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Caitlin Vodopia 11/24/09 Quiz 5 paper Medshare Recommendations Medshare is an Atlanta based nonprofit organization that collects and accepts donations of used medical equipment and shares them with hospitals in developing nations in need. Medshare has an online system in which international hospitals can log on and request medical supplies from a list of available products. Hospitals must be approved by Medshare to be able to receive equipment. Most hospitals request disposable items yet expensive technical equipment, such as sonogram machines, are sometimes donated and requested by these international hospitals. Medshare must finance the shipping of large containers overseas through the donations of companies and individuals, and through Medshare’s own fundraising efforts. Although Medshare has been very successful in its operations and has expanded to a second location in northern California, improvements can be made in its supply chain. One of the things identified by management as an issue in Medshare’s supply chain is the unorganized warehouses. When a hospital requests a container of goods, Medshare employees must pick
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supply chain quiz 5 paper - Caitlin Vodopia 11/24/09 Quiz 5...

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