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WtA Employee Survey

WtA Employee Survey - Walk Through Audit Survey Draft of St...

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Walk Through Audit Survey Draft of St. Charles Deli in Tech Squ Employee Information 1. What is your position at St. Charles Deli? 2. What does this position entail? 3. How long have you worked here? Customer Background Information 4. What is the average age of your customers? 0-17 18-24 25-35 5. About what percent of your customer base is students? 0-20% 20%-40% 40%-60% 6. About how many customers do you serve a day? 7. Do you believe your deli is in a convienent location? Yes No 8. How large of groups do customers come in? Alone 2 3-4 9. How did your customers hear about St. Charles? Friends Passing by Internet 10. Did your customers generally… Dine-in Take out Preorder 11. When are your largest crowds? Breakfast Lunch 12. How much do customers usually spend? $0-3 $3-7 $7+ Answer the following from the point of view of your customers: Experience Disagree Not Sure 13. The waiting time in line to order was acceptable. 1 2 3 14. Waiting time for food was acceptable. 1 2 3 15. The food quality and taste matched my expectations. 1 2 3 16. The food portions matched my expectations.
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