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Celebrity Cruises Case

Celebrity Cruises Case - Caitlin Vodopia Celebrity Cruises...

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Caitlin Vodopia 10/08/09 Celebrity Cruises Inc. Case The major issue in this case deals with the future of Celebrity Cruises Inc. Currently the cruise line is in the mid-tier premium market. Management is considering whether it should change its service offering and try to capture a higher end of the premium market or go for the mass market like Carnival Cruise lines. As is, Celebrity cruises brings in customers from both the mass and luxury markets, but perhaps it could be more profitable if it was clearly defined as one or the other. Management is currently testing 150 new service initiatives that could make Celebrity an upper-tier premium market cruiser. Each initiative is tested and feedback is then received from customers via surveys. Management needs to measure the feedback and determine if these measures will make an already intricate operation more difficult, or if they can be implemented easily with a reward of being able to charge more money per cruiser. The service concept of Celebrity is an “upscale experience at an intelligent price”. The company
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