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Forensic DNA Testing

Forensic DNA Testing - Sources http...

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Click to edit Master subtitle style 1/26/11 Forensic DNA Testing Video Sources http :// www.ornl.gov/sci/techresource http://science.howstuffworks.co http://www.armorholdings.com {1B217805-2BA9-4678-93F0-A627FB6FCEF0} Matching DNA {F90A26BA-9F63-45BA-BFAD-67DBB933145C} State DNA index system ( SDIS ) {82D5A516-5D2E-4E12-8B01-52C8FD4FBBA6} National DNA Index System ( NDIS ) {417CFF20-C297-4A5B-8A0F-113A28C97A7E} Combined DNA Index System, ( CODIS ) {DD108DB3-A847-4B21-8561-EBCD2FCC1930} Using DNA Beyond the Courtroom {9563CAD8-75BC-494B-879C-317802B6A0C0} Paternity testing Identification {38022F92-BA08-45C6-B7E4-197FD5043E6D} Evolution of human populations {53D607DA-3649-44E2-8540-409656B766FB}
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