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finance excel project analysis

finance excel project analysis - Caitlin Vodopia MGT 3062...

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Caitlin Vodopia 10/29/09 MGT 3062 Excel Project
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Executive Summary: The project we are looking to undertake is for civilian applications of rophemeric induction spheres. These tools have been used for over 10 years in warfare, yet as we have seen they are becoming outdated in that context as technology improves. Our company has the chance to invest in commercial applications of this product and reap huge benefits from first-mover advantages. While any project has some amount of risk, this project deals with substantial sums of money. The possible loss to our company could be as bad as an over $200 million loss. On the other hand, from careful analyses, our base case shows that a positive net present value of approximately $533 million dollars will be the result of this investment. Aside from monetary gains, our company can be the face of commercial protection hardware, leading to large market share on this and future endeavours.
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