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disney case daily assignment

disney case daily assignment - Caitlin Vodopia Disney Case...

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Caitlin Vodopia Disney Case Daily Assignment 1. Disney has been successful for so long for many reasons. It first became successful because of its flat, non-hierarchical organization that fostered teamwork, communication, and cooperation. Profits were boosted be re-releasing cartoon classics to new generations of children. This let the fixed costs of creating the movie be spread out multiple times in its re-releases. Disney continued success by controlling pieces of its production, such as founding Walt Disney Music Company to control music copyrights. Buena Vista Distribution was also created to eliminate distribution fees and save big on gross revenues. Disney also saved by developing its own pool of talent as opposed to paying exorbitant salaries to external hires. Disney movies were continuously successful and benefited from pursuing strong scripts from less established writers, and using tv actors or movie actors in career slumps to save on money. All of these factors contributed to the success of Disney.
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