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MID-TERM EXAM STUDY GUIDE PROFESSOR BURGESS FALL 2010 This study guide is designed to give you a sense of the type of questions that will appear on the exam. Preparing for “short-answer” style questions will prepare you for the exam, even though some questions may be multiple choice, or true/false in style. Also, the questions on the exam may not be “verbatim” what is given below, but will depend on thinking about the principles outlined below! Further study of all the material covered in the course to this point beyond the questions listed below will better prepare you for the exam! 1. Explain and contrast the competitive priorities and knowledge-based resource requirements of a flow shop and a job shop. Specifically discuss the role of knowledge embedded in technical systems (technological capabilities) and workforce knowledge in each. In a flow shop knowledge is embedded in the machines and equipment, The flow shop requires less skilled and less knowledgeable workers who are only trained in one area. In a job shop, knowledge is embedded in the highly skilled workers. These workers are cross trained in multiple functions. 2. A firm may encounter a variety of problems in the design and development of new products and processes . Moreover, the problems may impact a variety of performance dimensions. Briefly describe five approaches that can be taken to address these problems. Firms can lower costs by using different raw materials or supplies. Firms can shorten product processes or the amount of parts in a product.
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