law notes - permanent vegetative state or state of...

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How to transfer property: 1. By will-effective at death a. Testator-males b. Testatrix-females Requirements for a valid will: 1. Must have capacity 2. Intent 3. No defenses to enforcement 4. Age – minimum age is 14 in GA 5. Signature 6. Witnesses a. Holographic will-will u write in your own handwriting and is signed without a witness All wills contain: first paragraph takes care of first 3 requirements, revocation clause revoking all other versions of wills, payment of debts, bequests (giving specific property to specific people), burial instructions, penalty clause (anyone who challenges or disobeys the will gets cut out),appoint a personal rep and successor rep, appointment of guardian and successor guardian to children Living will (advanced directive for healthcare) –what you want to happen if you are in a
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Unformatted text preview: permanent vegetative state or state of unconsciousness If you die without a will its called intestate (intestacy) Intestate succession law Escheat-Cannot murder someone and receive stuff from their will-simultaneous death act- in order to be an heir you must survive 120 hours after the other persons death- if you are conceieved but not yet born, you are still a person for the purpose of inheritance Adverse possession (squatters rights) 5 part test: 1) Hostile possession – there without owner’s permission, trespasser 2) Actual possession – be physically present , living there 3) Open and notorious – you are there and people could discover you 4) Continuous – you are there year round and for a specified period of time. In GA- 20 years 5) Exclusive...
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law notes - permanent vegetative state or state of...

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