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Caitlin Vodopia MGT 3501 2/26/09 Reflected Best-Self Portrait Commonality/Theme Examples Given My Interpretation 1. Organizational Skills 1. My good organization and presentation of details and information in school projects. 2. Being able to organize large social events 3. Organizing hotel stays for the soccer team, along with keeping rosters, schedules, etc. updated. For me, organization is a must because it makes all different types of processes or situations easier. 2. Leadership 1. Taking the reigns on my co-op project at NASA 2. Running with my teammates to help pace and motivate them, when I had already finished the task and was not obligated to run again. 3. Even when I was very young, I led my team through my actions of determination and will power to help the team. I tend to lead by actions, and not words. 3. Ambition 1. Teaching myself and seeking out help in the workplace when I could have just sat and waited 2. Completing things that previous soccer officers only talked about doing, such as redesigning our website. 3. Always getting my schoolwork done and done well, even when I was exhausted. I take advantage of opportunities given to me and I like to see results. There were five people who provided me data for my self portrait: 1) my mother, Cherie Vodopia, 2) my father, Andy Vodopia, 3) my soccer coach, Drew Ingalls, 4) a fellow co-op at Johnson Space Center, Tucker Read, and 5) a good friend from school, Ted Danowitz. My self portrait is mostly what I expected; I have always thought of myself as organized and
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ambitious. Although my room at home and school may be messy and scattered with clothes and other knick-knacks, when it comes to work, school, or my friends, I am always organized and prepared. I like to have every paper or piece of information handy and ready for whenever I may need it. Being
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best-self portrait - Caitlin Vodopia MGT 3501 2/26/09...

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