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Psychology 302 – Psychological Research Techniques Research Paper You are required to complete a 10-12 page research paper for this course. This paper must be written in APA style. The paper is worth 100 points total. Topics and brief outlines are due February 25, 200 8 (note date change). Final papers are due on April 14, 2008 . Late papers will be docked 10 points for each day after the due date. Emailed papers will be accepted only in the case of an emergency. Your paper should include an Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion section, and a References page. All papers should have a title page that follows APA format. You will not actually be conducting the research depicted in your paper; however you will be writing the paper as if you did conduct the research study. I will be providing the data for the results section, but you will need to interpret the findings, write up the results according to APA style and incorporate the findings into your discussion section. Topic Approval/Preliminary Outline: You must turn in a hard copy of your research topic and specific hypothesis/es that you are investigating by February 25, 2008 . Your topic should integrate the references you are citing (which will go into your introduction as the background for your topic). The outline should include a brief overview of the topic, the specific hypothesis/hypotheses, and a brief description of how the study will be conducted. For example: Topic: Research has supported the finding that substance use represents an attempt to compensate for a spiritual deficit. Jung (1967) proposed…Miller et al. (2000) found….Thorensen (1999) reported…Tonigan (1997) described…May (2004) discovered…Operating under the assumption that individuals possess a desire for spiritual growth but that spiritual growth has been impeded through the use of substances, there is a need to offer spiritual guidance to individuals in treatment. A spiritual intervention delivered with a motivational interviewing style offers
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302 Research paper guide - Psychology 302 Psychological...

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