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Welcome to CHEM 1310HP General Chemistry (Honors) Any questions about course, lab, web access? 1.) contact your TA first 2.) Email: genchem@chemistry.gatech.edu Disclaimer The information here is meant to help get you started in CHEM 1310HP. Some details may be revised during the course of the semester. Please check the T-square course website for updates to the syllabus. Course Introduction 3 8/14/2009 CHEM 1310 An integrated Lab / Lecture Course designed to help you succeed Lab – Pre-lab quizzes, experimentation, post-lab report – MS Excel taught throughout the semester for Report generation Lecture – Pre-lecture assignments and readings to prepare for lecture – In-lecture presentations and PRS quizzes – Post-lecture HW assignments to assess learning Supplemental Instruction ( recitation ) – Small sections for problem solving, prepare for HW, exams, lab – Two types: GIG and traditional sections. More later. Tutoring – Chemistry department, success programs, freshmen experience Exams – Hourly exams and final exam – Grade improvement plan – improved performance on final replaces hour exam scores Course Introduction 4 8/14/2009 Gen Chem Lecture Sections Fall 2009 1. Dr. B. Shepler (8 MWF) Section J 2. Dr. Brown (9 MWF) Section L 3. Dr. Williams (10 MWF) Section A 4. Dr. Sherrill (10 MWF) Section HP 5. Dr. Wine / Dr. El-Sayed (11 MWF) Section I 6. Dr. Wine / Dr. El-Sayed (12 MWF) Section C 7. Dr. Perry (1 MWF) Section E 8. Dr. Cox (2 MWF) Section G 9. Dr. C. Shepler (3 MWF) Section N
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Course Introduction 5 8/14/2009 •I t em A Customized GT package Lecture Text: Chemical Principles, 6th Ed., by Steven Zumdahl. WebAssign Access code Student Solutions Manual Access Access via WebAssign website, by Chapter odd numbered problems solved. Item B Lab Manual: Item C Personal Response unit (Rf, not IR) Calculator +, -, *, /, ln, and log http://www.engrbookstore.com/ http://gatech.bkstore.com/ Text: Paper or e-book available 8/14/2009 • Other materials Lock for your Lab Desk. You may use any lock you wish. May also purchase a “key- controlled” Master lock from the stockroom or Barnes & Nobles. Lab Glasses or Goggles-ALWAYS !! Lab apron (optional but recommended, especially if you have nice clothes!) NOTE: You should maintain a balance of at least $30 on your Buzz Card so that you can pay for any fees you might incur in lab (breaking glassware, renting safety goggles, etc). Payment will be made at the Annex stockroom. NOTE: You will not be permitted to work in lab unless you are wearing safety glasses or goggles and closed shoes. August 17-21 and Aug. 24-28, the Chemistry Graduate Student Forum will be selling safety goggles, locks, and aprons suitable for the labs Course Introduction 7 8/14/2009 Chem 1310 Grading • Daily 15% • 3 Hour Exams 40% (10, 15, 15) • Final Exam 25% • Laboratory 20% Total 100% Daily Work includes In-class Quizzes 5% (PRS) Homeworks 10% (WebAssign) Some of you may have friends or roommates taking Gen Chem this semester.
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1310+hp-intro - Welcome to CHEM 1310HP General Chemistry...

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