GT Customized 6e Cha - Spontaneity Entropy and Free Energy Electrochemistry Kinetics Appendix 1 Mathematical Procedures A1.1 Exponential Notation

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GT Customized 6th edition, Chemical Principles , S. Zumdahl GT version 6th ed. Chapters Zumdahl 6th ed. Orignal Chapters Title Chapter 1 1 Chemists and Chemistry Chapter 2 2 Atoms, Molecules, and Ions Chapter 3 3 Stoichiometry Chapter 4 4 Types of Chemical Reactions and Solution Stoichiometry Chapter 5 12 Quantum Mechanics and Atomic Theory Chapter 6 13 Bonding: General Concepts Chapter 7 14 Covalent Bonding: Orbitals Chapter 8 5 Gases Chapter 9 16 Liquids and Solids Chapter 10 17 Properties of Solutions Chapter 11 6 Chemical Equilibrium Chapter 12 7 Acids and Bases Chapter 13 8 Applications of Aqueous Equilibrium Chapter 14 9 Energy, Enthalpy, and Thermochemistry
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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 15 10 Spontaneity, Entropy, and Free Energy Chapter 16 11 Electrochemistry Chapter 17 15 Kinetics Appendix 1. Mathematical Procedures A1.1 Exponential Notation A1.2 Logarithms A1.3 Graphing Functions A1.4 Solving Quadratic Equations A1.5 Uncertainties in Measurements A1.6 Significant Figures Appendix 2. Units of Measurement and Conversions Among Units A2.1 Measurements A2.2 Unit Conversions Appendix 3. Spectral Analysis Appendix 4. Selected Thermodynamic Data Appendix 5. Equilibrium Constants and Reduction Potentials Glossary Answers to Selected Exercises...
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