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Environ Make up Assignment

Environ Make up Assignment - Akshaya Varghese Discussion...

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Akshaya Varghese ENVIRON 201 Discussion Section Participation 3/24 1 st Part: List THREE environmental benefits and THREE costs to the environment of GMO crops. What are GMO crops? Genetically modified crops are crops that have been genetically modified to deliver in ways that suit human desires. For example, Monsanto created a crop that would not contain seeds that could not reproduce itself to prevent farmers from re-using their high yield crop. Most GMOs however are just fast-maturing, high yielding crops. What are three environmental benefits? 1. Lack of food shortages for humans- immune to pathogens. 2. Reduces uses of harmful herbicides- immune to weeds. 3. Decreases water usage- grains are perennial. What are three environmental costs? 1. Long term environmental damage includes reduction in gene pool for natural selection; a reduction in crop diversity. 2. Long term environmental damage includes pests that become resistant to the grain, leading to deadly pests. 3.
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