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Kidney+Stones+Planning+Sheets - Kidney Stones Planning...

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Kidney Stones: Planning Sheet 1 Group Name__________________ To be completed before starting experimentation. 1. State the overall purposes of this project in your own words. 2. What ions are present in the compounds you will be using? 3. Are all these ions present in the human body? Which are the most abundant? 4. Where in the body would you find the most abundant ions? 5. Your first task is to prepare a solution of each compound. The exact concentration is not important for preliminary testing. Outline the process you will use to prepare a small amount of solution for quick tests. 6. When you have prepared solutions of all the compounds provided, your task is to identify which combinations of ions will result in the precipitation of an insoluble salt. Plan to use a 24-cell well plate as shown here. Indicate how you will arrange the compounds to obtain the maximum amount of information with the minimum number of tests.
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Kidney Stones: Reflection & Planning Sheet 2 Group Name__________________ To be completed after the first laboratory period. 1. State the purposes of this week’s lab in your own words. 2. Which combinations of ions produced an insoluble product? Write a balanced molecular equation and then a net ionic equation for each reaction that produced a precipitate. Be sure to indicate which species are in aqueous solution and which are solids.
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