Usenti Mode 3 - First open up usenti by clicking on the icon The following should appear So next resize the screen to be 240x160(since that is the

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Unformatted text preview: First, open up usenti by clicking on the icon: The following should appear: So next resize the screen to be 240x160 (since that is the size of the GBA screen. If you don’t resize it, then your image won’t display correctly After that, draw your picture and save it. When you save it, choose the BMP export of 8 bits Then, click on Image‐> Export When the export window appears, choose a place to export the file to (this will most likely be the same directory as your main.c). For the file type, select GBA source(*.c, *.s, *.bin, gbfs) and click Save. When the exporter appears, be sure that Image(or gfx, depending on which version of Usenti you are using) is checked, and the Map and Pal are not. Under image(or gfx) set the bpp (bits per pixel) to 16, and make sure the cprs (compression) is none. Also make sure that the file is exported as u16. Click OK. Usenti will pop up and say export succeded, show log? You can choose whether to show the log or not, and now you are done with usenti. Be sure to #include the image’s .h file in your project. ...
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