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Robot Platform API Communication requirements: D = drive computer I = interface computer K = kiosk D –> I - Turn info (direction, ETA) - Drive State (moving, paused) - Remaining task duration - Charging/not-charging - Sudden obstacle/killswitch notification - Confirm interface command (i.e. robot is actually moving/paused) D –> K - Location - General Condition - Global Flag (communication or other error) I –> D - Destination (in coordinates or room #) - Begin travel (initial “go” command initiated by remote)
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Unformatted text preview: - Task State (busy, free)- Pause/Resume (initiated by remote)- Remote range/distance (including “out of range”)- Task completed (i.e. remote placed back on robot)- Killswitch I –> K- Task State (busy, free)- Remaining task duration- Charge status- General Condition- Global Flag (communication or other error) K –> I- Initial call for robotic assistance (busy or free?)- Destination (Room #, coordinates, name of person being visited)...
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