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Summary of - Summary of Management Issue 80 of West Quad RAs do not perform the bare procedural requirements of the job effectively Bulletin boards

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Summary of Management Issue 80% of West Quad RAs do not perform the bare procedural requirements of the job effectively. Bulletin boards are not completed on time or are not done at all, rounds reports look shabby and desk duties are incomplete. As far as fulfilling the main goal of ‘community building’ is concerned, a walk through most of the hallways reveals the extent to which this goal has been fulfilled- most of the residents’ doors are closed, lounges are empty, and events hosted by West Quad RAs have minimal attendance 1 . Community is not being built. At best, the group is just cutting it. Further analysis of the problem revealed that South Side RAs are more ineffective than North Side RAs. South side RAs have missed more desk shifts and duties than North Side RAs, and during North-South break up times, the sharp disparity in noises reflects the extent to which South is performing relative to North- the north side appears to have fun, fulfilling meetings as one can hear laughter and meaningful discussions taking place in the meeting, whereas the South
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