ECE3025_Spr05_Final - ECE 3025D Electromagnetics May 2 2005...

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ECE 3025D -- Electromagnetics FINAL EXAM May 2, 2005 Page 1 of 10 N a m e : Student Number: 1. Check that your exam includes all 10 pages (cover, 6 problems). 2. Read all instructions and problems carefully. Points will be deducted for failure to follow instructions. 3. Please print your name and student number at the top of this page. 4. Show ALL of your work to receive full credit, and put the proper units on all numerical problems. 5. Do all your work on the page of the problem, and if necessary on the back of the preceding page. 6. You are permitted two sheets (8 1/2 x 11, double-sided) of handwritten notes. Use of any other notes, books, or other resources is prohibited. You are to turn in these sheets with your exam. 7. Calculators are permitted; however, you are not allowed to use the calculator memory to store notes, etc. 8. No cell phones are permitted during the exam. 9. This exam lasts for 170 minutes. Point values are listed for each problem to assist you in best using your time. 10. The Georgia Tech honor code applies. Problem 1. (25 points possible) Problem 2. (25 points possible) Problem 3. (25 points possible) Problem 4. (25 points possible) Problem 5. (25 points possible) Problem 6. (25 points possible) ______________ TOTAL (150 points possible) Some useful values: () ( ) -9 -7 8 00 0 11 x 10 F/m , 4 x 10 H/m , c 3 x 10 (m/s) 36 εµ π µε == = =
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May 2, 2005 2 ECE 3025D Final Exam Problem 1. (25 points) For the transmission line shown below, the switch was placed in position A at a time of A tt = to initially charge the line until a steady state voltage condition was achieved at the load end of the line.
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ECE3025_Spr05_Final - ECE 3025D Electromagnetics May 2 2005...

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