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ECE 3025C -- Electromagnetics Thevenin Equivalent Circuit Example Problem Consider the following circuit consisting of a generator, transmission line, and a resistive load at the end of the transmission line: The switch is thrown at 0 t = and Τ is the one way propagation time in the transmission line. Calculate the Thevenin equivalent circuit for time in the range 3 t Τ ≤ ≤ Τ . This is equivalent to finding TH R and TH V for the circuit below:
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Unformatted text preview: Step 1: Calculate the Thevenin resistance by shorting all sources with the load open, and the equivalent circuit becomes: Therefore, TH R Z = . Step 2: Calculate the Thevenin voltage with the load open, and the equivalent circuit now becomes: for which: (1 ) but with open, 1 and thus, 2 L L L L TH L V V V V R V V V +-+ + = + = + Γ ⋅ Γ = = = Therefore, the Thevenin equivalent circuit is:...
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