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Unformatted text preview: LO-02Some Basic DefinitionsoWhat is Govt?Govt constitutes the formal structures(and processes) by which political decisions are made, implemented, and enforcedoGoals of Govt oAllocation of Ltd resources oManaging Social Conflict oImproving the overall quality of life oWhat is Politics?oPolitics is the methodby which societies make decisions about econ, pol, moral, & social issues & the distribution of ltd resources oTools of politics: discussion, debate, compromise, cooperation, bribery, deceitoWhat is Political Power?oPol Pwr is the measure of influencean individual or gp has on governmental decisions & behavior.Common Forms of GovtoDemocracy: A pol process that allows for & encourages popular participation in govt & guarantees greater protection of personal freedoms than other forms of govt.oWhat do we mean by “popular participation?Right to speak out on govt policiesRight to assembleRight to voteRight to form organizations to lobby for what policies, including changes to policiesI.e. civil societyoSome characteristics...
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LO-02+Some+Basic+Definitions - LO-02Some Basic...

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