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ESS 2 – 1/10/11 Lecture Journal #1 Information (due Fri 14 th ) o Due in class Fri, single-spaced 1 ½ - 2 pages o Put perm # and last initial on paper o Write about the historical events in your life which had led to your current lifestyle choices in regards to recreational drugs. Also include the values which tend to direct your life and where these values come from Biotransformation: when body breaks down drug to make it active and/or break it down Neuroplasticity: ability for neurons in the brain to change or “re-route” in response to damage, change, etc. o Allows for recovery after something bad has happened (also called synaptic plasticity) Drug-response in brain different between adults and adolescents and children o Taking drugs during growth may affect you more because its impacts last into
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Unformatted text preview: adulthood (adult brains are more set less change can occur from taking drugs) Drugs can mimic, facilitate, or antagonize a natural process that already occurs within a cell o Drugs are Trojan horses they mimic neurotransmitters to produce effects o The effects of most drugs are greatly influenced by a variety of psychological and environmental factors o Placebo is an example of the importance of set and setting in determining the response to drugs o Dependence on a drug is not necessarily bad if the substance has low toxicity (caffeine) o Its possible to be physically dependent on drugs without being addicted...
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