DSP5 ESS2 - actually do(psychological • Alcohol –...

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ESS 2 – 1/21/11 Lecture Biological Factors Affecting Drugs o Health Problems – addicts have bodies with serious health problems o Nutritional Status – pharmaceuticals not effective if taken over a very large amount of time o Pharmacological State – Vicodin + alcohol = BAD! Similar drugs taken together have synergistic effects (the effects are multiplied) o Environmental Setting – Brain-chemistry changes can occur in different settings. Environmental setting can definitely affect drunken-ness o Psychological disposition Personality variables: type A personalities often don’t take drugs that cause a loss of control. Similarly, those people that produce little dopamine naturally often seek dopamine-increasing drugs Expectations (set) about drug effects: people have pre-conceived notions of what a drug will do to them, and these notions affect what the drug will
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Unformatted text preview: actually do (psychological) • Alcohol – inhibitor, but still releases excitatory transmitters such as dopamine and serotonin • Drug laws and schedules are politically and environmentally-based, not so much pharmacologically-based • Addiction often “hijacks” brain chemistry • Neuroplasticity: brain can rewire itself. Brain atrophy: drugs and genetics tend to lessen this neuroplasticity slightly o When discontinuing drug abuse, brain tends to rewire itself better again • Factors Affecting Physiological Dependence o Psychological dependence sometimes greater than physical dependence (most drugs affect both) o Alcohol withdrawal can potentially kill you (often from the seizures). Heroin withdrawal however, cannot kill you...
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DSP5 ESS2 - actually do(psychological • Alcohol –...

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