Drama - Hamer 1 Review Sheet- Final Exam Fires in the...

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Unformatted text preview: Hamer 1 Review Sheet- Final Exam Fires in the Mirror- made in less than a week; took a bunch of interviews and recorded it word for word- process called “devising”- slices together transcripts and creates an interplay- docudrama- true story about a recent urban uprising and racial and ethnic rioting/ identity- does not affirm one specific political position/ many views/ events- collection of responses to race- non-linear narrative, moves in a circular fashion- Crown Heights, Brooklyn NY- “ dialectic ” with thesis, antithesis and synthesis (balance of sides)- *hair is used as a vehicle to talk about culture, identity and sense of self Anna Deavere Smith- actor/writer/producer- described as ‘serially possessed’ by voices and characteristics of subjects- known for playing across class, gender, race and ethnicity Shaman- storyteller August Wilson- award winning playwright- dropped out of highschool, didn’t go to college- Lloyd Richards recognized his writing early 1980s and helped direct- wrote a 10 play cycle (on african american experiences) each was focused on a different decade- focused on reclaiming history, lost narratives; blood memories and connecting with the past; psychological burdens and social constraints on his characters- Influenced by 4 B’s: the Blues, Baraka, Bearden and Borges Fences- a family’s struggle to sustain itself: “ A Family Drama ”- father’s limitation on sons and his infidelity- 4 generations & legacy- major dramatic question: “will Troy get over his bitterness, keep his family together and...
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This note was uploaded on 01/25/2011 for the course DRAM 1101 taught by Professor Hendricks during the Spring '10 term at University of Florida.

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Drama - Hamer 1 Review Sheet- Final Exam Fires in the...

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