drama3 - Hamer 1 Inciting incident an occurrence that sets...

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Hamer 1 Inciting incident - an occurrence that sets the main action of a play in motion Conflict - problems arise and complications built from inciting incident Exposition - the setting forth of information about events, characters and the present situation that precede the play’s point of attack. Typically, exposition is most abundant in the opening scene, where it is used to clarify the situation, establish the identity and relationship of the characters, and set forth the present situation, although it may occur throughout the play Climax - the highest point of interest or suspense, typically the moment that determines the outcome of a play’s action Dramaturgy - a theatre’s internal critic who, depending upon the theatre, may perform any of the following tasks: assist in selecting plays and translations, work developmentally with playwrights on new plays, work with the production team as a research specialist or offer advice on production choices, and prepare programs, articles, and other supplementary materials for the public Dramaturg - assists the director by supplying information and asking critical questions - critic, advisor, text support, researcher (on culture and the play itself, era, lifestyle), new play development - helps write grants and publicity material to promote play; puts the show on its feet - Lessing , a French playwright, was the first dramaturg - while the practice of dramaturgy must happen, it is not necessary to have a dramaturg do it Literary manager - is concerned with the entire season, whereas production
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drama3 - Hamer 1 Inciting incident an occurrence that sets...

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