Family Diversity - FAMILY DIVERSITY Normal American Family...

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FAMILY DIVERSITY - Normal American Family : o Structural : some sort of objective criteria (legal, genetic); WHO IS YOU FAMILY Includes: Married to someone Family that you don’t really know or talk to, there is no functional relationship Heterosexual married parenting couple Married Instrumental father/expressive mother - NORMALIZED Mother is expressive – nurturing side Father is instrumental – the dad teaches you stuff – teaches you how to catch; change oil; fix stuff o Functional : focuses on interdependence of people ; WHY ARE THEY YOUR FAMILY, WHAT DO THEY DO Physical maintenance Make sure you are fed, clothes Socialization of roles What time of role you should have – and what roles other members have Maintenance of family moral Teaching what is right and wrong Social control Who you should hang out with - Family Composition – DEFINE THESE TERMS IN YOUR OWN WORDS o Natural / Biological : Family or origin - parents and brothers and sisters; OR Family of procreation - the family we create later in life o Extended : Aunts, uncles, and cousins
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o Nuclear family : the idealized family; this idea came in the 50s and this is what people strive for; THIS NEVER REALLY EXISTED FOR MOST PEOPLE; THOUGHT IT WAS THE NORM, BUT IT WAS ACTUALLY NOT COMMON
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Family Diversity - FAMILY DIVERSITY Normal American Family...

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