ENC4 - Creative Acted Applied Composed Conceived...

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Management Achieved Analyzed Assigned Attained Contracted Coordinated Decided Developed Directed Evaluated Executed Handled Implemented Improved Increased Launched Led Managed Organized Outlined Oversaw Planned Produced Recommended Scheduled Supervised Communication Addressed Authored Communicated Counseled Defined Developed Directed Drafted Edited Enlisted Formulated Mediated Moderated Motivated Negotiated Persuaded Promoted Publicized Reconciled Reunited Renegotiated Reported Researched Summarized Translated Financial Adjusted Administered Allocated Analyzed Appraised Audited Balanced Budgeted Calculated Compared Computed Developed Estimated Managed Marketed Planned Reevaluated Researched Sold Technical Analyzed Assembled
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Built Calculated Computed Designed Devised Engineered Fabricated Inspected Maintained Operated Overhauled Programmed Remodeled Repaired Solved Trained Upgraded Teaching Adapted Advised Clarified Coached Communicated Coordinated Defined Developed Enabled Encouraged Evaluated Explained Facilitated Guided Informed Initiated Instructed Lectured Persuaded Presented Set goals Stimulated Taught Trained Updated
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Unformatted text preview: Creative Acted Applied Composed Conceived Conceptualized Created Designed Developed Directed Established Evaluated Fashioned Formed Formulated Founded Illustrated Instituted Integrated Introduced Invented Loaded Molded Originated Perceived Performed Planned Presented Produced Refined Rewrote Updated Helping Advised Aided Assessed Assisted Brought Clarified Coached Coordinated Counseled Dealt Demonstrated Diagnosed Educated Encouraged Enlisted Expedited Facilitated Familiarized Guided Helped Inspired Maintained Modified Performed Referred Rehabilitated Represented Supported Upheld Clerical or Detail Activated Altered Approved Assembled Catalogued Classified Collected Compiled Described Edited Estimated Executed Gathered Generated Implemented Maintained Monitored Observed Operated Organized Overhauled Prepared Processed Proofread Published Purchased Recorded Reduced Retrieved Streamlined...
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ENC4 - Creative Acted Applied Composed Conceived...

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