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Foreign Exchange Questions 1. Most foreign exchange transactions are through the U.S. dollar. If the transaction is expressed as the foreign currency per dollar this is known as _____________ whereas ___________ are expressed as dollars per foreign unit. (a) European terms; indirect (b) American terms; direct (c) American terms; European terms (d) European terms; American terms 2. The following is an example of an American terms foreign exchange quote. (a) $20/£ (b) 0.85 /$ (c) 100¥/ (d) None of the above 3. From the viewpoint of a British investor, which of the following would be a direct quote in the foreign exchange market? (a) SF2.40/£ (b) $1.50/£ (c) £0.55/ €ν (d) $0.90/ 4. A/an __________ quote in the United States would be foreign units per dollar, while a/an ______________ quote would be in dollars per foreign currency unit. (a) direct; direct (b) direct; indirect (c) indirect; indirect (d) indirect; direct 5. If the direct quote for a U.S. investor for British pounds is $1.78/£, then the indirect quote for the U.S. investor would be _________ and the direct quote for the British investor would be ____________. (a) £0.562/$; £0.562/$ (b) $0.562/£; £0.562/$ (c) £1.78/£; £0.562/$ (d) £0.562/$; $1.78/£ Use the table below to answer problems 19–23 Yen: Spot and Forward (¥/$) Pound: Spot and Forward ($/£) Mid Rates Bid Ask Mid Rates Bid Ask Spot 114.25 114.20 114.30 1.7865 1.7862 1.7868 Forward Rates 1 month 114.06 - 20 - 18 1.7840 - 26 - 24 6 months 112.91 - 136 - 132 1.7708 - 160 - 154
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6. The current market spot rate of dollars for pounds as quoted in a newspaper is ________(American terms) or __________ (European terms). (a) £1.7865/$; $0.5598/£ (b) $1.7862/£; £0.5598/$ (c) $1.7865/£; £0.5598/$ (d) £1.7868/$; $0.5597/£ 7. According to the information provided in the table, the 6-month yen is selling at a forward ____________ of approximately ___________ per annum. (Use the mid rates to make your calculations.) (a) discount; 2.37% (b) discount; 2.31% (c) premium; 2.37% (d) premium; 2.31% 8. The U.S. dollar suddenly changes in value against the euro moving from an exchange rate of $0.8909/ to $0.8709/ . Thus, the dollar has ____________ by _______. (a) appreciated; 2.30%
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geb14 - Foreign Exchange Questions 1. Most foreign exchange...

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