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Chicago - Corey Forrest Comm 150 9:00-10:50 Chicago Before...

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Corey Forrest Comm. 150 9:00-10:50 Chicago Before watching the 2002 film Chicago I assumed that I would never really enjoy and actually get into a musical. Growing up watching a few musical I had a hard time staying awake. Most of time while watching musicals at schools, movie theaters, and at home I had no idea what was going on. Watching Chicago this was actually a totally different personal perspective. The storyline, singing, and actors were all very well throughout the film, which is a reason why it received six Academy Awards and three Global Awards. The film was the first musical film to win the Best Picture Oscar since Oliver in 1968. Those are just a few reasons why I enjoyed this film. Throughout my paper I will describe how well the elements of classic musicals apply to this film and which category it most conforms to. Watching the film I picked up that this musical relates most closely to the shows people genre. This was created and portrayed throughout the film many times. Mostly from its stars and scandals of Jazz age Chicago. This film also displayed shifts in
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