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Ma8 - model to describe the functional relationships...

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Math Terms 1. Expected value with perfect information: The expected (average) return if perfect information is available 2. Expected value of perfect information : The difference between the payoff under perfect information and the payoff under risk. 3. Expected monetary value : The expected payout of value of a variable that has different possible states of nature, each with an associated probability. 4. Corruption perceptions index : A measure of corruption created by Transparency International. A higher score means that the country is more corrupt. 5. Linear-regression analysis : A straight-line mathematical
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Unformatted text preview: model to describe the functional relationships between independent and dependent variables. 6. Mean absolute percent error: The average of the absolute difference between the forecast and actual values, expressed as a percent of actual values. 7. Smoothing constant : The weighting factor used in an exponential smoothing forecast; a number between 0 and 1. 8. Mean squared error : The average of the squared differences between the forecasted and observed values. 9. Mean absolute deviation : A measure of the overall forecast error for a model....
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