ADV - Chapter 13: -Pros of magazine advertising:...

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Chapter 13: -Pros of magazine advertising: Flexibility in readership and advertising. Regional and national coverage. Color gives visual pleasure. It sells Authority and believability enhance commercial message. Permanence/Long shelf life Prestige for products advertised in upscale magazines Audience selectivity is more efficient in magazines Cost efficiency, because wasted circulation is minimized. Selling power is proven Reader loyalty Extensive pass along readership Merchandising assistance: Advertisers generate reprints and merchandising materials that help them get mileage out of campaigns. -Cons of magazine advertising: Lack of immediacy that people get with newspapers or radio Shallow geographic coverage Inability to deliver mass audiences at low price Inability to deliver high frequency. Most magazines come out monthly or weekly. Long lead time for ad insertion Heavy advertising competition. Have 52% advertising to 48% editorial content High cost per thousand Declining circulations, especially in single copy sales. -Special possibilities with magazines: Bleed pages: means greater flexibility in expressing idea, a slightly larger printing area, and more dramatic impact. Cover position for advertisers: Commonly called first cover, where few publishers sell
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ADV - Chapter 13: -Pros of magazine advertising:...

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