ADV2 - C hapter 14 -Medium of television: Accounts for more...

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Chapter 14 -Medium of television: Accounts for more than 23% of all advertising. Available in 2 forms: Broadcast TV, which reaches audience by transmitting electromagnetic waves through the air across some geographic territory. Before the internet, grew faster than any other advertising medium in history. Over 40% of 1,375 commercial TV stations are very high frequency, the rest are ultra high frequency. Cable TV, which reaches audience through wires. Reaches almost 85% of all homes. Most channels are privately owned and commercially operated. Cable fees represent 1/3 of cable TV revenues; the rest are advertising. -Pros of broadcast TV Mass coverage: 98% of homes have a TV, and viewing time increased to over 8 hours in 2004. Relatively low cost: cost per exposure down to $2-$10 per thousand viewers. Some selectivity Impact: kind of immediacy other forms cannot achieve. Creativity Prestige: TV considered most authoritative and influential medium Social dominance -Cons of broadcast TV High production cost High airtime cost Limited selectivity: not cost effective for advertisers seeking very specific, small audience. Brevity: most TV viewers can’t remember product in most recent TV ad they watched. People remember 60 second ads better than 30 second ads. Clutter
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ADV2 - C hapter 14 -Medium of television: Accounts for more...

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