RTV - Emotions are internal states and must be inferred...

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Emotions are internal states and must be inferred from behavior. 2 components of emotion: physiological and cognitive Emotional responses to TV viewing: Anger, arousal, sadness, joy Soap Operas: --Began in 1930s on radio --They are continuing stories that do not begin and end with each episode --Transmission at regular, frequent times, usually daily --Constant and large cast --Cheap production costs --Simulation of real time and realistic events --Interwoven narratives and multiple plots --Cliff hangers to ensure committed viewing --The Young and the Restless led 2009 Ratings --Guiding Light is oldest running and scripted show in history. Began on radio in 1937 on NBC. Moved to CBS in 1952. 15,000 th TV show in 2006. Final episode on September 18 th , 2009. --Most watched episode ever: Luke and Laura’s wedding on General Hospital in 1981. --1980s prime time soap operas: Dallas, Dynasty, and Knots Landing --One Life to Live featured first racially integrated cast --All My Children’s Phil and Tara torn apart when he went to Vietnam --Ryan’s Hope: Ryans were first immigrant, working class family in soap --All My Children’s Erica Kane had first legal abortion --General Hospital’s Nurses’ Ball brought AIDS --All My Children introduced Zarf, TV’s first transgendered character. --Soap operas in other countries are aimed at working class. --Brazilian soap operas are most expensively produced in Latin America --Most popular ever was Simplemente Maria. --4 main types of telenovelas: poor girl falls in love with a rich man whose family spurns her, era telenovela, teen telenovela, and musical telenovela. Sports:
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--First event televised was Berlin Olympics of 1936 --First in US was Columbia-Princeton baseball game in 1939 --First national sporting event was boxing match in 1944 --1/3 of all broadcast programming on networks
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RTV - Emotions are internal states and must be inferred...

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