MAR - A dvertising Age Top Four Marketers of the Centu ry 1...

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Advertising Age: Top Four “Marketers of the Century”: 1. Procter and Gamble: Uses multiple branding approach—multiple independent brands instead of one “procter and gamble” brand. Honored with title of “Marketer of the Century” for three significant contributions: -Advertising leadership: Sponsored first soap operas to reach customers. Has spent most money on advertising 51 of 53 years tracked. -Brand management system: came up with concept of brand management. A different brand manager is responsible for making marketing decisions for each brand. -Internet advertising -Commitment to marketing research: Does more research than any other firm. Has a new product success rate of 50%, due to its thorough research. Future plans to invest in core strengths include are market research, innovating, and branding. 2. McDonald’s: Became successful because: -Reliable burger: food is high standardized; reliable. -Transformational advertising: makes a product of service into something bigger than it is by transforming the experience and how people think about brand. -Marketing to tweens: group of children ages 8-12. -Happy Meal: created loyal customers at an early age. 3. Coca-Cola: Most valuable brand in the world. Carries largest amount of brand equity—value of brand name alone (intangible). -Advertising increases brand equity by establishing brand associations. 4. Anheuser-Busch Introduction to Marketing -Marketing is all about creating customer value, defined as the unique
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combination of benefits received by targeted buyers that includes quality, price, convenience, on time delivery and both before and after sale service. Four kinds of utility:
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MAR - A dvertising Age Top Four Marketers of the Centu ry 1...

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