MAR2 - Multiple Levels of Marketing Environment: An...

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Multiple Levels of Marketing Environment: An Introduction -Macroenvironment: Consists of broad environmental forces that affect all the firms in all the businesses of a country. -Microenvironment: Focused on particular field or industry or on a specific firm or region. -Internal environment: level inside the firm that includes departments other than marketing. These are internal to the firm but external to the marketing department. Macroenvironment Social Sector of Macroenvironment: Social forces of an environment include population’s cultural and demographic characteristics. -Culture: social force that incorporates core set of values that members of group learn and share. 4 core values of U.S. culture: 1. Individualism: We do not encourage collectivism—working for the good of the group. This is a driving trend toward mass customization—wanting our products to be tailored to our personal and individual needs. 2. Present and future time orientation: Americans are more present and future orientated. One sign of our future orientation is level of college students. We spend now because we want goods and services now. 3. The importance of youthfulness: Plastic surgery 4. Extraordinary materialism: Materialism is belief that stuff makes you happy. -Microcultures: groups within society that depart from overall culture in meaningful ways. Race and ethnicity are most important bases. There are 3 major nonwhite racial groups in the U.S.: African Americans, Hispanics, and Asians. They are growing much faster than the white population. -Diversity: Many marketers feel like they should place a greater emphasis on multiculturalism. -Demographic trends: demographics describe population according to select
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MAR2 - Multiple Levels of Marketing Environment: An...

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