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Unformatted text preview: Resume Preparation Purpose of a Resume ♦To get you an INTERVIEW! ♦Basis for interview discussion. ♦Credentials overview & Credentials introduction. introduction. Rules for Resume Writing ♦ Be RELEVANT ♦ Be CONCISE ♦ Be CONSISTENT ♦ Consider the Employers’ Perspective What skills, abilities, interests, What experiences, and personal characteristics do you have that will meet the employer’s needs ? meet Basic Resume Format ♦ Main Heading - Contact Info ♦ Objective/Summary of Qualifications ♦ Education ♦ Experience ♦ Activities or Affiliations ♦ Skills and/or Personal ♦ References (on separate page) Main Heading ~ Contact Info ♦ Name (LARGEST thing on the page) Name (LARGEST ♦ Address ♦ Phone Number ♦ E-mail or web site – must be checked daily – professional website and email address only ♦ Alternate address only if you will be Alternate moving during your job search (move date) (move Main Heading Examples SUSAN SMITH 115 Lincoln Street Gainesville, FL 32607 352-292-1567 After May 10, 2007 152 South Woodcrest Olympia, WA 98501 206-936-1211 SUSAN SMITH 152 South Woodcrest Olympia, WA 98501 206-936-1211 SUSAN SMITH 115 Lincoln Street Gainesville, FL 32607 352-292-1567 ssmit[email protected] Employer-Oriented Obj Statement/Summary of Qualifications ♦The Objective is the focal point The around which all other elements in the resume relate. ♦It should be work or employer It centered rather than self-centered. centered Employer-Oriented Objective Statements Objective Title or Position DesiredIntern, Accountant, Public Relations Specialist, Intern, Management, Lab Technician, Engineer, Researcher, Marketing Executive, Conservationist, etc. Marketing Field, Industry, Department, Area Financial Services, Health Care, Environmental, NonProfit, Information Systems, Telecommunications, Profit, Consulting, Retail, Marketing, etc. Consulting, Qualities/Skills You Bring to the Job Problem solving, Public Speaking, Foreign Language, Problem Customer Service, Communication, Teamwork, etc Customer Examples of Career Objectives ♦ A position in data analysis where skills in mathematics, computer position programming, and team building will contribute to new systems development. development. skills while contributing to the organization. skills product planning. product ♦ Seeking a management internship in which I can expand my leadership Seeking ♦ A position in marketing with special interest in market research and position ♦ To obtain an administrative position in a large hospital where I can use To my management, financial, and analytical skills. my ♦ Seeking a management position where I can use my skills in customer Seeking service, organization, and interpersonal communications. service, ♦ Dynamic, energetic professional seeks consulting position demanding Dynamic, skills in relationship building, sound financial planning, and customer service. service. Education Section ♦ Degree ♦ School & Location ♦ Minor or Specialization ♦ Graduation Date (No “expected” or “anticipated”) (No Graduation ♦ GPA ♦ No high school (community college optional) (community No ♦ “Financed” if over 50% (scholarships, working, Financed” ♦ “Selected Courses” in select cases etc.) etc.) Education Section EDUCATION Master of Health Administration, May 2007 University of Florida, Gainesville, FL GPA 3.8/4.0 Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, May 2005 University of Florida, Gainesville, FL GPA 3.23/4.0 Minor: Finance Minor: --Financed 75% of college expenses through --Financed part-time employment. part-time Additional Coursework: Advanced Managerial Theory Production Management Fundamentals of Accounting EDUCATION Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Bachelor Marketing Marketing University of Florida, Gainesville, FL University December 2005 Business G.P.A. 3.4/4.0 Experience Section ♦ Job Title ♦ Organization or Company ♦ Location ♦ Dates ♦ Description – past tense – use action verbs – sentence fragments with or without bullets – highlight skills that relate to Objective Experience Section EXPERIENCE Intern Shands @ UF May - Aug 2005 May Gainesville, FL --Created spreadsheets and analyzed financial --Created data. --Coordinated meetings and educated hospital --Coordinated faculty and staff on policy changes. Waitress, Red Lobster, June 1998 - July 1999 Gainesville, FL * Maintained superior service to customers in Maintained fast-paced college-oriented restaurant. * Operated cash register. Operated * Dealt with angry or upset customers. Dealt EXPERIENCE Other Experience Examples EXPERIENCE Sales Clerk June 1999 - present Sales June Burdine’s, Gainesville, FL Sold men’s footwear on a draw commission basis. Addressed customers’ questions, complaints, and requests for assistance. requests Sales Consultant April 1999- June 1999 Sales April The Limited Inc., Gainesville, FL Provided efficient and friendly customer service. Provided Initiated innovative selling techniques. Initiated Trained 4 new sales staff. Trained Successfully resolved customer complaints. Successfully Skills to Highlight Skills ♦ Licenses and Certifications ♦ Computers - Software and Hardware ♦ Multiple Languages Additional Section Examples COMPUTER SKILLS LANGUAGE ACTIVITIES C++, Microsoft Office, Dreamweaver, SPSS, Quicken, Adobe Photoshop, & html. Adobe Fluent in Spanish and English President, Minorities in Action, 2004-05 Dormitory Representative to Student Government, Dormitory 2003-04 2003-04 Career Showcase Host, 2003 LEADERSHIP President, Zeta Zeta Zeta Fraternity, University of Zeta Florida, April 2002-May 2004 Florida, Organized and supervised committees. Organized Allocated annual budget of $25,000. Allocated Interacted with university, city, state officials. Interacted AFFILIATIONS Chi Sigma Iota, member since 2003. AFFILIATIONS member GIVE, member since 2003. member Additional Information LEAVE OUT ♦ Social Security Social OPTIONAL/CONSIDER x x x x x Number Number ♦ Age/Birthdate ♦ Marital Status ♦ Health ♦ Date ♦ Race, Religion Race, ♦ Sexual Orientation Willingness to relocate Date of availability Citizenship status Hobbies/Interests/Personal References References List on a SEPARATE SHEET List SEPARATE x 3-5 References x – – – – Name & Title Address Phone Number(s) Email (if used regularly) Email (if Employment, Academic, Employment, Coach/Academic Counselor Coach/Academic x Use Combination of References – x Be Sure to Ask Permission Resume Format Basics ♦ One page in length (8.5 x 11”) ♦ Conservative color paper ♦ Laser printed ♦ Center and balance ♦ .75 to 1.0 inch margins - don’t crowd ♦ PROOF READ Scannable Resumes ♦ Light-colored, 8 1/2 x 11 paper ♦ Keep to ONE page (no staples if more than one Keep ♦ Use Keywords or “Industry Jargon” ♦ Avoid any typeface in which the Avoid characters touch, (italics, script, underlining, etc.) etc.) ♦ Bold type should be OK ♦ Avoid compressing space between letters ♦ Name first text on page; file flag page) page) Checklist Checklist ♦ Employer Focused (academics, experience, Employer leadership) leadership) ♦ Most Important Info First Most ♦ Consistent ♦ Relevant to Objective ♦ Reverse Chronological Order (most recent first) Reverse (most ♦ Past Tense ♦ Scannable ♦ Includes Skills ♦ Editing ~ Career Resource Center Editing for this semester’s hours. COVER LETTERS COVER Recruiters Value Cover Letters Recruiters ♦ 96% recognize an original vs. a “form” cover 96% letter. letter. ♦ 95% think cover letters are important. 95% ♦ 94% are impressed with personalized cover letters. 94% ♦ 85% are offended when their names are 85% misspelled. ♦ 77% are offended when his/her gender is mistaken. 77% ♦ 70% read cover letters thoroughly. ♦ 3% believe that resumes sent without a cover letter will get an interview. (A survey of recruiters—60% of whom are with Fortune 500 companies) Fortune Prior to Writing the Cover Letter... Prior ♦ Research the employer. ♦ Know their products or services. ♦ Know the addressee’s name. Know ♦ Know about the job. Know ♦ Are you really interested? ♦ Are you qualified? ♦ Does it fit your career goals? ♦ Would you be happy with the job’s Would location? location? DO NOT APPLY IF IT’S NOT RIGHT! Key Points About the Cover Letter Key ♦ Check (and re-check) grammar and Check spelling. ♦ Use standard size paper. Use ♦ Use standard colors. Use ♦ Make each an original. Make ♦ If possible, Address to a specific person. ♦ Tailor to each employer. Tailor ♦ Use simple and direct language. Parts of a Cover Letter: Parts ♦ 1st Paragraph- “WHO & WHY” ♦ 2nd Paragraph- SKILLS & 2nd QUALIFICATIONS QUALIFICATIONS ♦ 3rd Paragraph- YOU & the COMPANY ♦ 4th Paragraph- THE “ACTION STEP” 4th Cover Letter Format: Cover ♦ Highlight skills and experiences you have Highlight that MATCH what the employer wants/needs wants/needs ♦ Keep it to 1 page. ♦ Generally 3-4 paragraphs. ♦ It is NOT your biography. It NOT ♦ It is NOT a verbatim resume. It NOT Don’t Make the Tone of Your Cover Letter… Letter… ♦ Aggressive ♦ Too familiar ♦ Cute or humorous Cute ♦ Unduly humble ♦ Excessively flattering Excessively ♦ Desperate Desperate ♦ Preachy Preachy ♦ Exaggerating Exaggerating Questions? ...
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