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chm19 - mole fraction of the solvent thereby decreasing the...

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Underlying Theme of Colligative Properties of Nonvolatile Solutes = the inability of solute particles to cross phase boundaries/membranes a) solutes can't enter the gas phase → lowers a solvent's VP → increases a solvent's BP b) solutes can't enter the solid phase → lowers a solvent's FP c) solutes can't cross semipermeable membrane → osmotic pressure development So….. The presence of a nonvolatile solute decreases the
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Unformatted text preview: mole fraction of the solvent, thereby decreasing the number of solvent particles leaving the solution per unit time. → this decrease causes an adjustment in the equilibrium (i.e., Le Chatelier Principle) → this adjustment to reach a new balance in numbers of particles crossing between phases/membrane per unit time results in the measured colligative property...
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