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1/15/2011 1 Chapter 5: Socialization Socialization and Biology Socialization and Biology nature and nurture socialization Socialization in Action Feral Children Isolated Children Primates Stages of Socialization Mead and Taking the Role of Others Piaget and the Cognitive Theory of Development Kohlberg and Moral Development Freud and the Development of Personality
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1/15/2011 2 Stages of Socialization Problems with Stage Theories rigidly defined unfixable failure stages assumed “universal” Anticipatory socialization Resocialization Agents of Socialization Examples of “Agents of Socialization” Family Education Religion Peers Mass Media The Workplace
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Unformatted text preview: Socialization & the Lifecourse • Childhood (Birth to Puberty) • Adolescence (Roughly the Teen Years) • Adulthood – complete education – get a job – get married – leave parent’s home – have a baby 1/15/2011 3 Socialization & the Lifecourse Slowing the Transition to Adulthood 1980 2002 % Aged 20-21 in School 31.9 47.4 Median Age at First Marriage Women 22 25.3 Men 24.7 26.9 Gender Socialization • Gender socialization – pink or blue – two sets of social norms – punishment for nonconformity Race Socialization • Race socialization – personal and group identity – intergroup and interdivisional relationships – position in the social hierarchy • A Girl Like Me...
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syg2005 - Socialization& the Lifecourse •...

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