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Methods for Studying Child Development

Methods for Studying Child Development - Importance of...

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Methods for Studying Child De- velopment Scientific Method an approach to testing beliefs that involves 1. choosing a questions 2. formulating a hypothesis 3. testing the hypothesis 4. drawing a conclusion Importance of Appropriate Measurement relevance to hypothesis reliability the degree to which independent measurements of a given behavior are con- sistent inter-rater reliability: amount of agreement between different raters who ob- serve the same behavior test-retest reliability: different measures of performance are similar on two or more occasions validity refers to the degree to which a test of experiment measure what it is intended to measure internal validity: effects observed within experiments can be attributed to the variables that the researcher intentionally manipulated external validity: can the results be generalized beyond the particulars of the re- search? January 25th, 2011 How can we gather data about children? Interviews structured interview: all participants are asked to answer the same questions (typ- ically yes or no) clinical interview:
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