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C-201: Hot Topics in Journalism Study Guide: Final Exam Jim Bright : Public relations and Marketing. What are their role and responsibilities in a corporation? (Heart, soul, conscience, mind, spirit, etc.) I forget the answer to this question, and it is not in my notes. If you know the answer to this please tell me. What people expect from PR professionals and from companies and organizations? They don’t expect you to be perfect, but they expect you to own up to your mistakes and take responsibility for your actions. What is the role and purpose of public relations? The role and purpose of public relations is to provide the media with a unified front of useful, truthful information in response to some sort of situation that has occurred. The example that Jim Bright used in lecture was the PR department of Bloomington Hospital. He gave an example where three newly born babies were given the wrong dosage of a medicine after birth, and two of these babies died because of it, while one remains in critical condition. It is the PR department’s job to come out and give a statement to the media addressing this issue. There are many things that the PR department can, and need, to do for any situation, whether good or bad. See lecture notes for information about this subject. Mike Lyon: Which directions information tends to flow globally? From America to every other country, out to the east and west. WEST (USA) to EAST (others). How to apply these terms and their implications: Glocalization : Information goes from America, and we put
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our own stamp on it and then pass it out to other people. (ie: Wheel of Fortune was made in America, but other countries have game shows like it, that model it) Americanization : Substituting an existing culture with our culture. Making everyone American. Modernization : When we send people information abroad, and they think that they should be like us and modernize themselves to be more like us. They change their culture to fit ours. Free Market and Media : There is a reason as to why our products are so successful. Free Market means that we can market and send out our products without hindrance. People watch our shows and model off of us because we have the ability to show everyone our information and make everyone like it. Used free market as the example our products are out there and they go abroad, free market means you decide Cultural Imperialism : Imperial Power: When people from one nation come and take over another nation. We take over a country by letting them find out about our culture, and then have them decide to model themselves after us, so we help them by moving in and starting them off on the right foot. Despite the fact that USA claims we aren’t in the nation building-we take it over through cultural imperialism What do other countries think of us? The more our country takes over the less their culture exists What do studies show?
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final review - C-201: Hot Topics in Journalism Study Guide:...

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