notes - Samantha Snyder Race and the Media CMCL C201 Racism...

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Samantha Snyder Race and the Media CMCL C201 May 18, 2009 Racism: o Stigmatizing difference to justify an unfair advantage or the abuse of power o Used to maintain a difference of power between a majority and a minority o Used to keep one group in power and other groups out of power o People are different, those who are different from the norm are different for bad reasons o Fundamentally informed by eurocentrism The “Adolf Hitler” family Eurocentrism: attributes to Europe and people who come from Europe an innate superiority, saying these people are naturally superior o Europe is seen as the primary historical agent of civilization o The motor for progressive historical change o Also downplays the more unsavory aspects of European culture: fascism, exploitation of colonialism o Would say Hitler is a charismatic speaker Doesn’t say that Hilter succeeds largely with the approval of German people because he is going along with the tradition of anti-semitism Tapping into a racism that is in the history of that culture o The “west” and the “rest West: what unites the west is not shared geography, it is a shared ideology Countries that constitute west are joined by a shared eurocentric ideology Taken in, absorbed, and perpetuate the idea that Europe is superior West: USA, Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Israel, Japan o Civilized vs. uncivilized People who are different are deemed subhuman/uncivilized Shaped by the Christian church Colonialism The practice of not only establishing colonies in foreign lands, but exploiting the resources of those lands through the colonies o Not a progressive practive, not humane Justifies taking all the resources African American representation o Basic framework Slavery Works to naturalize a sense of difference between black and white while exploiting black labor o Precinematic images 1890s o Stereotypes Low morals Unintelligent Hypersexual Jim Crow, plantation rustic, happy to work on plantation, loves to sing and dance,
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south Sambo (?), house servant, loves to sing and dance, content, south
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notes - Samantha Snyder Race and the Media CMCL C201 Racism...

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