C205 Review for Final Exam

C205 Review for Final Exam - C205 Review for Final Exam...

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C205 Review for Final Exam REDDY “English has a preferred frame work for conceptualizing communication” Whorf Hypothesis o The language you speak influences the way you think o We are constructed by the language we speak Conduit Metaphor o We speak of communication as though it were a conduit, this is really a dead metaphor meaning we’ve forgotten that it is even a metaphor o Language is like a conduit transferring thoughts bodily from one person to another o In writing and speaking, people insert their thoughts or feelings into words o Words accomplish the transfer by containing the thoughts or feelings and conveying them to others o In listening or reading, people extract the thoughts and feelings once again from the words Wagon wheel o Story A (LAC) People work hard to communicate Person A needs a rake to scoop leaves, he sends his idea to person B, B doesn’t need a rake for leaves, but he does need something for rocks, so he invents that Puts paper directions in wheel and passes it to the next person who invents something else o Story B (LTC) Error-free communication This is how people think we should communicate Person A send a rake to person B like Wonka vision Puts the actual thing in the wheel There is a conflict between the way we actually communicate and the way we think about communication o Communication is actually more like story A but we talk as though communication is like story B PETERS “Communication is a registry of modern longings” o The ideal of perfect communication (the conduit metaphor) is something for which people have been longing, though they have been disappointed in their inability to find it Some suggest communication should be like a transparent window between two human souls, allowing data to move from one mind to another o Peters suggests that this is impossible and undesirable
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The way that people talk about communication causes trouble, we should learn different ways to talk about communication Solipsism o Communication is impossible because it is impossible to know or understand the thoughts of another o The self is the only thing that can be known or verified, the self is the only reality o We’re never able to achieve that perfect direct connection between minds, so we sometimes give up trying to communicate Telepathy o Ideal communication would break through this barrier, and thus enable the transparent and seamless transfer of data and ideas from one brain to another o Communication from one mind to another, through means other than the sense; a direct sharing of human experience o We tend to believe that a direct connection between minds would be the ideal form of communication We desire the dream of telepathy but too often give up on it and retreat into solipsism Technology o The idea that cell phones, television, movies, etc. will improve our communication o People who LTC attribute problematic communication to faulty technology
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C205 Review for Final Exam - C205 Review for Final Exam...

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