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Wesley Murphy Shanruo Ning Zhang Political Science 229 5/9/10 Democratization Processes The two most important conditions for democratization are a civil society and a democratic culture. In order for democratization to flourish, a country must have in place civic and voluntary organizations that are not supported by the state. Institutions that exist within civil societies include non-governmental organizations, professional associations, trade unions and business associations. These kinds of organizations are vital to democratization because the lack of “legal and political institutions to control corruption, punish cheating, and ensure a level economic and political playing field, pro- growth policies will be ineffective and their economic benefits will be overshadowed or erased.” 1 A democratic culture is paramount to the growth of a civil society and economic development; poor governance weakens democracies that are at risk of slipping into totalitarianism. Without democratic institutions and organizations, there isn’t any regulation of corrupt officials. “For thousands of years, the natural tendency of elites everywhere has been to monopolize power rather than to restrain it--through the development of transparent laws, strong institutions, and market competition. And once
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pols 229 essay 2 - 1 Wesley Murphy Shanruo Ning Zhang...

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