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Ten people who changed the course of American history before 1877 1. George Washington - president 2. Thomas Jefferson - president 3. John Adams - president 4. Andrew Jackson - president 5. Mrs. John Adams (Abigail) 6. Abraham Lincoln - president 7. Benjamin Franklin 8. Francis Scott Key 9. Samuel Colt 10. Christopher Columbus Boston Massacre Five people died The British soldiers said it was self defense People from Boston considered the British soldiers as monsters Ordinary people shape history as well as famous people: “The Other Founders” Abigail Williams Anne Hutchinson Metacom (King Philip)
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Unformatted text preview: • Caesar Varick • Andrew Montour • Prince Whipple • Noah Webster • Susanna Rowson • Matthias • Nat Turner Why Study Early American History? • To understand why the present is the way it is – how we came to be the way we are. History is the study of change over time . • To understand whether the path of human history is circular, weather it is linear and progressive, or whether it is entirely unpredictable. • To understand if individuals, governments and corporations are misusing the past when they invoke its lessons in the present....
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