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Essay 1 Why did it take a bloody Civil War to destroy slavery? Introduction: Contrary to what many common American’s believe, although the election of Abraham Lincoln was the direct cause of the Civil War, there were three other main but indirect causes. These included, slavery, territorial expansion, and sectionalism. Sectionalism is defined as the division between the northern and southern states. Because the northern and southern states had such opposing views of one another, mainly on slavery, political compromise seemed almost impossible amongst the former union. Although at the beginning of the Civil War Americans were convinced that it would be a short amount of time, they ended up fighting one of the bloodiest and deadliest wards in American history. 1 st Paragraph (slavery – southern point of view): - Slavery was so common in the south - Southern plantation owners had slaves to do work on their plantations - The southern economy was entirely dependent on slavery - If slavery were to be abolished, the southern economy would have to be destroyed and rebuilt which could potentially lead to bankruptcy in the south. - Slave owners feared loosing their slaves because of this - They believed that g-d created the white man and wanted them to be prosperous – they needed slaves in order to do this. 2 nd Paragraph (slavery – northern point of view) - On the other hand, many northerners believed that it was not g-d’s will to have people enslaved - The north was more of an industrial economy as oppose to the southern agricultural economy. Therefore, they did not require as many slaves as the south did in order to be successful. - Because the northerners did not have greed hindering their sight, they recognized the cruelty of slavery and the hardships that it entailed. - Many abolitionists, or people who wanted the immediate emancipation of slaves, preached their thoughts openly. o William Lloyd Garrison Wrote the Liberator (anti-slavery newspaper) Fills this newspaper with eye witness statements about the cruelty of slavery Depictions of bodily scars of violence and pictures of tools used in the violence He wants to scare and anger the northerners into doing something about the cruelty of slavery.
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3 rd Paragraph (territorial expansion) - As our country began to expand westward, new opportunities opened up for more economic growth. - Because of the ongoing feud over slavery between the north and the south, it became a dispute over weather or not to allow slaves into these new territories. - According to the Northwest Ordinance, a new territory was looked over by the federal government. After the new territory had gained 60,000 citizens, they were allowed to appeal to become a state. Now the new question that began to persist was: should these slaves be slave states or free states? -
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Final - Essays - Essay 1 Why did it take a bloody Civil War...

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