The Unfinished Revolution

The Unfinished Revolution - The Unfinished Revolution...

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The Unfinished Revolution Constitution of United States was amended 3 times to guarantee the full rights of full citizenship to Americans. These dozen years from 1865-1867. How and why most of these giant leap’s forward were swept away only a decade of the war. Business remained unfinished until the Civil War. 1. What is Freedom? When General Robert E. Lee surrendered the Civil War came to an end. Conflict on how to rebuilt the nation after the murder and debt of slavery. Whites and blacks, northerners and southerners would have to ramble with a huge discussion; what is a society when slavery no longer exists? What is Freedom in a society without slavery? - Personal Freedom? Is freedom simply the basic privilege of not being chained or is it more then that? Does freedom simply mean the absence of slavery or does it require equal civil rights to black and white Americans. Does freedom require that every man has the right to vote and the ownership of property? Or is freedom just the right to not be chained. - Legal Equality? - Suffrage? - Right to property? - “If I cannot do like a white man, I am not free.” – Henry Adams, emancipated slave in Louisiana. - African Americans of all ages took the chance for education. - Nations first black colleges were created. It wasn’t long before former slaves began to petition for full political rights as well as full education rights. - Freedmen and their abolitionist allies pressure the federal government for full voting rights. o “Slavery is not abolished until the black man has the ballot.” – Frederick Douglass o Anything less then full access to the ballot box on Election Day would be a betrayal of everything American’s stood for. o
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The Unfinished Revolution - The Unfinished Revolution...

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