Day 3 - Social Psychology Sociological Perspectives Chapter...

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Social Psychology: Sociological Perspectives Chapter 2: Perspectives in Sociological Social Psychology Perspectives in Review Symbolic interactionism (SI) is the study of how people negotiate the meaning of social life during their interactions with other people The social structure and personality (SSP) perspective focuses on the connections between larger societal conditions (i.e., social structure) and the individual Group processes (GP) studies how basic social processes operate in group contexts. SI: Society and Agency From the SI perspective, society exists as a system or a network of interactions between people; these systems and networks are social structures o E.g., social structures as Durkheimian ‘social facts’ o Examples: the family; universities Society imposes restrictions on us but we also have agency, or the ability to act and think independently from those constraints o E.g., Existentialism and the power to choose o Examples: US elections and voting Society best understood in terms of a dualistic relationship between structure and agency Society as social structures (re)produced by and through human interaction There are three main principles of SI: SI: Principle #1: Meaning Come from Interaction 1. Meanings arise through social interaction among individuals
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Day 3 - Social Psychology Sociological Perspectives Chapter...

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