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Midterm Review - Midterm Exam 50 multiple choice Bring#2...

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Midterm Exam 50 multiple choice Bring #2 pencil (WITH an eraser!) AND your student ID 10 question/chapter - Broad questions What examples did he highlight in class about culture examples. The practice of meishi, exchange of meishi cards– a Japanese practice very similar to American business cards except the people who don’t have jobs or work in business have these cards that have your information on the front – highlights two things about Japanese society – emphasis on status – understanding hierarchy but in Japan it is very important of people to understand the relative position so they know how to interact. Second aspect of Japanese culture it reflects if the concept of respect – image of ones persona – dos and don’ts of meishi cards – present outward with your tips so that you do not cover anything on the card, keep it out in the open when your receive one to show how important you think it is. German classrooms If convenient samples do not tend to the representative of the larger population, why bother using them? 1. Quick 2. Easy 3. Cheap Statistically speaking, convenient samples are not good. It is a good way to get an initial response, general opinions. An easy way to get some quick feedback. What is the purpose of agency in sociology? What can this be used for? Agency is the notion that individual (social) actors have some degree of power. Connotations of free will, individual choice. The reason that the textbook brings it up and it is important is because in sociology we spend so much time on social structure it leaves us thinking solely on those terms. Things are the way they are because of the choices people make (free will). It is important to understand in that regardless of the circumstances, most people still have a degree of agency, they still have choice. Agency is there to emphasize the role of the individual actor in society, it reminds us that we do have choice, we do have free will. We know that political parties are a form of social structure, but we can always vote for a
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Midterm Review - Midterm Exam 50 multiple choice Bring#2...

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