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SOCIOLOGICAL SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY Sociology 230 Fall 2010 2203 Art/Sociology Bldg. Instructor: Christopher Andrews Office: 3122A Art-Sociology Building Office hours: Mondays 12:30pm-1:30pm or by appointment Office phone: 301-405-6407 E-mail: [email protected] Grader: Carolina Martin ([email protected]) REQUIRED TEXTS: Rohall, Milkie, and Lucas. 2011. Social Psychology: Sociological Perspectives, Second Edition COURSE DESCRIPTION: An overview of social psychology, with particular emphasis on current theories and their applications to the problems encountered by individuals attempting to function in groups. Upon completing the course, students should be able to (i) identify the major themes and issues in social psychological research; (ii) understand the key social psychological theories discussed in the course; and (iii) apply social psychological principles to some aspects of their own lives. In attaining these goals, both psychological and sociological perspectives will be used. COURSE ORGANIZATION: The course is organized around the eleven chapters of the text, with roughly one week devoted to each chapter. The majority of class time will consist of lecture, including the use of PowerPoint slides, video clips, and Internet-based multimedia. Although lecture will center on the content presented in the text, I will also frequently draw upon current events, personal anecdotes, news publications, and relevant research findings to supplement the text and illustrate key concepts and theories. Additionally, each week we will take a short, unannounced quiz. These will evaluate your mastery of the material presented in the text, and should help give you a sense of how you are doing in keeping up with the readings. Moreover, they should help give you a sense of what the exam questions will look like, as several quiz questions may appear on the midterm or final exam! Aside from the weekly quizzes, there will be two exams, three short papers, and a few miscellaneous assignments. These are described in further detail on pgs.6-9.
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GRADING AND COURSE REQUIREMENTS: Your grade for the course will be made up of the following components: Midterm Exam 30% 300 pts. Final Exam 30% 300 pts. Quizzes (11 x 20 pts. each) 22% 220 pts. Short Papers (3 x 50 pts. each) 15% 150 pts. Assignments 3% 30 pts. Total 100% 1000 pts. The following are descriptions of the components that will make up your course grade: Exams: Exams will be multiple-choice and will be drawn from lecture, readings, and films and/or other media presented in class. The dates for the exams are listed in the course schedule on pgs.6-9. Quizzes: We will have weekly quizzes in class over your required readings. The quizzes will be unannounced, the quizzes will be entirely over your textbook, and I may give quizzes at any time during class periods. What If I Miss a Quiz?
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