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Final Lesson Plan

Final Lesson Plan - butterfly and write them all down on...

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Butterfly Song 1. Objective: A – First Grade B – Using the “Butterfly Song” students will do the following: C – Students will learn about the stages a butterfly goes through to successfully become a butterfly. D – 90% of the class will thoroughly learn about the stages of a butterfly. 2. Grade level: First Grade 3. Standards Addressed: Maryland State Standards: Standard 1.0 Skills and Processes 2. Practice identifying the parts of things and how one part connects to and affects another. 4. Classroom Activities: This lesson is a spin off of the lesson about the five categories of animals. Begin the class by saying that the students will not be learning about a type of animal today, rather they will be learning about a beautiful insect called the butterfly. To start off the class, play the first stanza of the song describing the stages that a butterfly must go through to successfully become a butterfly. Then, call on the students and have them name the four stages of a
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Unformatted text preview: butterfly and write them all down on the chalkboard. • Show the students four pictures – each picture of a different stage of the butterfly’s life. Call on the students and ask where each picture belongs and tape it under the stage it belongs to on the chalkboard. 5. Required Materials: • A picture of an egg • A picture of a larva • A picture of a pupa • A picture of a butterfly • 100 pieces of computer paper stapled into packets of 4 • 5 packs of markers • Tape 6. Assessment • After discussing the stages of a butterfly’s life, split the students up into five groups. Hand each student a packet of four sheets of paper and instruct the students to draw a picture on each sheet of paper of the four different stages of a butterfly’s life. After the students are completed, a “flip book” will be created of a butterfly’s life....
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